unconventional time management for people who aren't machines

If you are a creative whose efforts to get organized aren't working, here's what I most want you to know: it's not you, it's your systems.

Conventional approaches to organization are designed by and for more linear thinkers. Those models will never be effective for someone whose mind doesn't work that way. And those models are based on a limited view of Time itself. Time is more flexible than fixed. It's more spiral than arrow. It's more relationships than measurements. It's more dimension than force. Like you and your brain, it has properties ignored by the average day planner.

When you approach organization with tools and techniques designed around the way Time actually works and the way your brain naturally thinks, you can shape Time to your liking. Time can become a space you can navigate with confidence. A space where doing what needs doing is more joy than struggle. A space that feels as comfortable as your favorite clothes and as satisfying as an exquisitely prepared meal. A space where there is some space. A space where you can be yourself and still be successful.

Sculpting Time is all about composition - the skillful arrangement of elements - something as a creative you already understand better than you realize. Effectively planning your week or creating systems to keep track of the details are just a matter of mastering this particular medium. The Atelier of Time is a studio school devoted to just such mastery.

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Get Your Choosy Catcher!

If you end up going in circles when there is a conflict between what you had planned, what’s come up that needs your attention and your mood, Rolling with the Unexpected: From Aimless to Action in 8 Simple Steps will help you quickly resolve those conflicting demands, choose a direction and do something productive – and have fun doing it. It’s free!

Get Organized in The S4D

Enough with the willpower already. Learn how to shape your days and craft flexible, organic systems – custom built around who you are and what you love – in ways that will fuel your creative productivity like nothing else you’ve tried. Learn more.

Escape the Quicksand of Overwhelm

Responding to overwhelm by trying to “get organized” is like trying to prevent a fire after it has ignited. This handbook is the missing set of instructions – the stop, drop and roll – for getting yourself out of overwhelm and back on solid ground. Learn more.


Let’s be pen pals!
Both a good old-fashioned letter and an extension of the classrooms here at the Atelier of Time, each issue of the Aerogramme includes news about what’s happening with me and the Works, along with an exploration of a practical, actionable time-management idea that will make a difference in your everyday life. Get your first missive.
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Hi, I’m Cairene

Cairene MacDonald is an organic time-management educator who works with self-employed creatives who want to get organized and get things done without fighting Time or themselves. She is currently focused on sculpting calendars, curating to-do lists and crafting systems with members of her signature program, The School of the Fourth Dimension – a learning community devoted to right-brain-friendly productivity.