I am sitting at my desk this morning with something like what I used to call a “vacation hangover.” You know, that period when you return to work after being away and it’s such a challenge to pick up where you left off? It started as something of a vacation, a little break to spend a few days with visiting family, but then I got sick with the most persistent cold I’ve had in ages. And next thing I know – poof – two weeks have just disappeared.

It’s not the sense of being behind schedule that irks me so much as the loss of momentum. I can catch up with the most urgent tasks on my to-do list. But such consistent effort is necessary to maintain and increase momentum that the loss of two weeks feels a significant amount to rebuild. It’s like I’ve dipped into a rainy-day savings account that I now have to replenish in addition to my everyday expenses.

So – always looking for the lesson – I am asking myself two things:

1) What systems do I need to put in place so I can take necessary and desirable breaks (like vacations) without losing momentum in my business?

2) What systems do I need to put in place so unexpected interruptions (illness, for example) have a minimal impact on the forward momentum of my business?

* * * * * * * * * *

How do you maintain the forward momentum of your business when you are away from it, whether by choice or by necessity?

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