It’s been a good week of noticing and experimentation…

I found myself wondering while doing yard work why I had such awful music going through my head. “Because your brain can only play what it has heard,” I answered myself (time to stop vegging out to VH1’s Best Songs of the ’80s I guess). Made me think a lot about other annoying forms of mind chatter and destructive self-talk…

Also while in the garden, I remembered how much of its success depends on good preparation and maintenance. We focus on the planting and the harvest, but it’s stuff like watering regularly that makes the difference.  Apparently, I rediscover this every summer.

And I realized that this was the same as that. Adopting a new MO is all well and good, but it’s going to take a lot more practice to shift this pattern. Love it when I connect the dots.

Lastly, a bit of clever planning: I wrote a short list of about a half dozen small tasks on a little post-it note and used it throughout the week along with my daily sheets. They were my “break tasks.”  When I needed a time-out, I did one of those things instead of aimlessly web surfing (or whatever).  Interesting to note, they were mostly cleaning/decluttering tasks, but I don’t think that was the key to the success of this little experiment.  However, most of them were non-computer tasks.  I got away from this machine in ways that still felt “productive” – and that was good.  Keeper idea.

What have you been noticing this week? What experiments have turned out to be keeper ideas for you?

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