It’s Friday. Time for the occasional round-up of the week’s Lessons Learned.

Lesson #1: Growth is tricky.

Seems like there is far more information and dialogue out there about how to build your business than how to cope with its growth. But the challenges never go away, they just change.

  • Yes, you have more momentum – but you also have more moving parts to manage.
  • Yes, you make more money – but you’re also spending more on necessary infrastructure.
  • Yes, you have more raving fans – but more of those fans think imitation is the best form of flattery.
  • Yes, you have a greater reach – but now any mistakes you make affect more people.
  • Yes, you get to have more inspiring interactions with people – but for every ten fun, thrilling conversations you now get have at least one really difficult one.
  • Yes, you help more people feel understood – but those closest to you may now feel confused about what you do.

The only thing that makes this less hard is knowing it was coming. Not the specific details, but I was under no illusion that once I figured certain things out then the rest would be smooth sailing.

The answers are in systems. And communication. And meditation. And self-care. Possibly keeping more liquor around the house.

And giving all this new the space it requires. Because new always takes a staggering amount of space.

Lesson #2: Collaboration rocks.

It turns out my business has an annual theme that is different from the broader theme for my life as a whole (golly, it really has become a thing separate from me). Namely: No more Lone Ranger. And I must say it’s has manifested quite nicely this week.

A Monday morning exchange on Twitter with one of my favorite people that turned into a post I would never have thought to write otherwise? – that rocked.

Yesterday’s mind-mapping workshop with Julie Stuart? – totally rocked.

Marissa‘s magnificent butt-saving, techno-finessing, crazy-counseling, systems-making genius? – totally rocks.

Never going back to being a Lone Ranger. Everything really is better together.

Lesson #3: My pudding needs more fat.

Earlier this week I was saying to the magnificent Marissa, reminding us in a moment of minor systems chaos: this will all get easier – smooth like pudding.

And once I got the notion of pudding in my head, it wouldn’t leave. So I made pudding for dessert that night – the simple kind: milk, sugar and cocoa thickened with a little cornstarch. It was deliciously chocolatey, but a little thin. It didn’t have that really satisfying mouth feel that comes from a pudding (custard really) made with full-fat dairy and eggs.

Metaphorically speaking, this week I’ve learned I want rich, full-fat, custard-y systems. Not sure exactly what that means yet – maybe something about being thorough – but I intend to figure it out. Because – mmm, pudding.

• • • • •

What did you learn this week?

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  1. The highlight of my week was spending yesterday with you and your fabulous students!! Thanks again for having me. It was delightful. I didn’t know there was pudding! Pass some over please.

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