Here’s the short version…

Third Hand Works is evolving.
I’m doing my thing a whole new way. (I think you’ll like it.)
It begins May 4.
The details are here.
If it rocks your socks, reserve your space now.
[ Because (!) it’s already nearly sold out. ]

For the back-story and particulars, read on…

• • • •

Last month, my muse delivered the last piece of the puzzle.

When it clicked into place, I suddenly, unexpectedly realized that what I’ve been half-jokingly referring to as my Unified Theory of Everything was finally complete (well, Version 1.0 anyway – as long as I’m in this business, there will probably always be a next edition in progress…).

Bringing the work of several years to a conclusion is a pretty great high, but once I came back down to earth, I quickly realized it didn’t do diddly-squat to make my next teaching term any easier to plan or carry out.

I’ll spare you all my wrassling with calendars and spreadsheets (trying to coordinate five separate live programs and four self-studies was basically a repeat of this) and jump to the epiphany that came out of that mess:

a Unified Theory of Everything = teaching just ONE thing

Duh. That distant sound you heard Thursday afternoon March 5 was me smacking myself on the forehead for the obviousness of it all.

In just one program.
That doesn’t close.

It doesn’t just make things easier for me (although, omg, there isn’t a single aspect of my business it doesn’t simplify), it makes things better for you. Because it embodies more of the very principles we practice around here…

webs and spirals, not lines and divisions

Step-by-step instructions have their place, but the work we do together doesn’t benefit from a strictly linear delivery. The right learning sequence for one person isn’t the right sequence for another. To do it your way, you need to be free to move about the library.

Plus, problems don’t show up on schedule. I want you to have access to any tool or technique you need to resolve problems when they need solutions instead of waiting until the lesson that addresses your challenge become available or the next term comes around on the calendar.

Change is also unpredictable. Sometimes you’re already well into your next growth spurt before you realize it’s happening. And sometimes taking the next step requires you to go back to the beginning. It’s much easier to navigate big transitions when you have access to information about all phases of development.

That’s why everything – all lessons and resources from all three levels: Foundations, Completion and Evolution – will be in one place and available from the outset.

And as a nice side-benefit: that puts everyone in the same place too. Learning in the company of people who are farther along in the process can be a big source of clarity and inspiration, but everybody in my tribe is ridiculously smart and can make valuable contributions whatever their level of experience.

timelines, not deadlines
sequences, not schedules

Time-based goals also have their place, but neither does the work we do together benefit from the compression of a course that ends. To do it your way, you need to be able to work at your own pace.

And, again, challenges and change don’t show up on schedule. Nor will the projects that need support likely ever sync up with my somewhat arbitrarily determined teaching calendar.

I want you to be able to get the help you need when you need it. I want you to be able to come and go as you like. And I don’t want you to feel rushed and overwhelmed. Thus this will be an ongoing program.

Lest you’re thinking: Everything-in-one-place-that-doesn’t-close! It will be like drinking from a firehose! Not to worry. Finding this last piece of the puzzle allows me to zoom out and see how everything works together and pare away anything that doesn’t contribute to the whole. I’m dropping anything not essential and practical and only adding what will make things faster and easier to learn. My desire for thoroughness is being tempered by my even greater desire for elegant simplicity that creates the shortest path to results. Because this is about Time and I don’t want to waste yours or mine.

Enough background. Let’s get to the details of how you get in on this good thing.

It begins Monday, May 4.

You can learn all the details about what everything-in-one-place includes and how it works here.

I’m initially opening it to 12 participants. And it turns out my sense that this is something y’all would like was right. Because after sending invitations to those in my inner circles earlier this week, three-quarters of those spots have already been reserved.

So if this is the Right Thing at the Right Time, I suggest you snag one of the few remaining seats sooner rather than later.

Obviously, spring has sprung at Third Hand Works. The creative energy that comes with the change in season is flowing fast and strong around here. There’s a lot to build – and a lot of spring cleaning to do to make space for the new – but I love the thrill of riding this wave.

Tell me… How is your creative energy flowing these days? What are you building and making space for? And how can I help you ride the wave with more skill and enjoyment?

With anticipation,


P.S. The working title of this new program?

The School of the Fourth Dimension.
Not to be confused with the School of the Fifth Dimension.
[ earworm warning ]