It’s taken awhile for all the oh-so-helpful feedback I received in response to my Less-Is-More Birthday survey (thank you again for your generous input!) to gel into a plan, but it finally has. I’m very excited about What’s Next, starting with this:

The School of the Fourth Dimension is more streamlined, supportive and affordable than ever.

In addition to the input from all of you, I’ve also been having conversations with the current members of the S4D about what has (and hasn’t) proved most useful during the first year of the program. And when I put it all together, here were the results:

  • The orientation materials will now help you create a simple, doable, well-supported plan for engaging with the program without needing to know any time management techniques first. I don’t want this to become yet another course you buy, but don’t follow through on. (I’ve been there too many times myself as a student and it is the schpoopy.)
  • What was an afterthought turned out to be the Best Thing Evar. The program includes an active virtual co-working space which has proven to be the most powerful and effective element of the program. We learn best and most from the doing – from the practical application that turns knowledge into skill – and this space has been updated and streamlined to make the most of that.
  • Enrollment for new students will now be open four times a year. While I stand by my reasoning for offering a year-round program, the proverbial baby I accidentally threw out with the proverbial bathwater was the continuity and camaraderie that results from a group of newcomers beginning together. Feeling like a lonely newbie tends to stall progress (no surprise there), so the program will now be open to new students once a quarter.
  • And it all costs less than it did before. By eliminating those elements of the program we weren’t using (you know, the stuff that seemed like a good idea at the outset, but wasn’t actually necessary or helpful), I’ve been able to reduce tuition by about a third. Everything you need is still there, minus all the fluff you don’t (and the extra cost that came with it). I’m genuinely pleased that refining the program hasn’t just improved its content and support elements, but also made it accessible to more people. Huzzah.

If the S4D is the Right Thing at the Right Time for you, here’s what you need to know:

The autumn quarter begins August 1. Enrollment for new students won’t be open again until the winter quarter beginning November 7, 2016.

Applications for new students will be accepted through July 24. Please don’t be intimidated by the word “application”. If you feel the S4D is the Right Thing at the Right Time for you, it’s highly unlikely I will disagree. This is just a way for me to get to know you a bit better before we make a learning commitment to each other.

We’ll be moving to a sparkling clean and refreshed online classroom on August 1. And I would love for you to be part of the inaugural group that opens the second year of the S4D. (I sense it’s going to be amazing.) You can learn all the details and apply here.

• • • • •

The information and ideas you’ve shared with me have been a tremendous source of inspiration. These changes are just the beginning. There are more good things to come – including more practical how-to articles like this and this – so stay tuned.

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