There is more to creating a productive and satiating life and business than the what of a to-do list and the when of a calendar. In the S4D we continually explore all the Elements that make up every efficient and effective system or project. Starting this month, and throughout 2016, […]

An evolution is underway.

Here’s the short version… Third Hand Works is evolving. I’m doing my thing a whole new way. (I think you’ll like it.) It begins May 4. The details are here. If it rocks your socks, reserve your space now. [ Because (!) it’s already nearly sold out. ] For the […]

The Flow of Money Through Your Life

Today is our next-to-last exploration of different forms of energy and ways to balance our exhales with inhales so the ecosystems of our lives remain sustainable. The series so far… Time Without Energy Is Useless Time:Change:Energy First Things First: Your Physical Energy Is your cognitive well full or empty? Through […]