Before the early 20th century, Time was thought to be a universal metronome ticking away throughout the cosmos – absolute and immutable. Since then, both physics and neuroscience have confirmed that Time is experienced individually. Time for me isn’t the same as Time for you. There isn’t Time, there are […]

Choosing a Starting Point

Back at the beginning of this celebration I shared that my present to myself would be crafting comprehensive systems that would allow my body of work to generate reserves of time, energy and money. And while there’s still much more to do, I’m pleased with my progress so far. The […]

How to get from Here to There

Well, Lovelies, we’ve reached the fifth week of Third Hand Works’ 10th Anniversary celebration. Which means we are at the half-way point – both the mid-point of this anniversary party and the mid-point of summer, right between solstice and equinox. Why is that worth remarking on? Because a half-way point […]